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Drs. Derek & Claressa Wilson

Dr. Derek received his Call in June 1977 entering into his final year of High School. He has been in the Ministry 43 years. Dr. Derek and his beautiful wife Dr. Claressa have pastored the Spirit of Love Center for 30 years to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Derek and his wife Dr. Claressa are the Co-Founders of Destiny Academy. He has ministered in Africa, Egypt and Mexico. Dr. Derek is a visionary and he sees Victory Bible Training College touching every continent in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Students will carry the anointed message of salvation, life, hope and healing to hard and dark regions. He also teaches Healing School on a regular basis.

Dr. Claressa started early in Ministry. She served as an usher for Evangelist A.A. Allen. Through those early years of Pentecost, Dr. Claressa saw the Gospel of Jesus Christ come alive in front of her own eyes. Her faith would cause her to carry a "Fire" for revival and miracles. Dr. Claressa has traveled to Mexico and Canada sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in conferences, seminars, missions, retreats and local churches. She has pastored the Spirit of Love Center with her husband Dr. Derek for the past 30 years. She has a deep passion to strengthen and mature the body of Christ through the wisdom of God’s Word.

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